Arkie Sparkle by Petra James

Arkie Sparkle is an eleven-year-old treasure hunter, and is the star of a great new adventure series by Petra James. Arkie’s parents are archaeologists, and have been kidnapped! A note has been left in the cookie jar saying she needs to travel the world to seven continents to find seven treasures in seven days to secure her parents release. Luckily Arkie is brave and resourceful and a dab hand at solving puzzles and cracking codes, so with her fellow adventurers TJ (her genius cousin) and Cleo the basset hound, she sets off. Each of the seven books in the series finds the gang in a different country solving the clues in order to find each treasure. We have the first two books in the series: Arkie Sparkle: Code Crimson, which is set in Egypt, and Arkie Sparkle: Time Trap, which takes place in China. For a limited time the first book in the series is only $6.99, so well worth a try! The second book is $13. A fantastic series for adventurous types aged 7-11.


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Filed under Junior Readers (8-11 years)

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