National Bookshop Day Saturday August 11th.

On Saturday August 11th we will be celebrating National Bookshop Day.  We have a programme of authors helping us to do it, so you can take the opportunity to meet some local writers.  There is a mixture of adult and children’s authors coming throughout the day, and their times are listed at the bottom here. As well as having them here, Geoffrey McSkimming and his partner will be performing a magic show to help launch his new book, Phyllis Wong and the Forgotten Secrets of Mr Kyoto.  

We will have cupcakes, quizzes and raffles going on during the day as well.

It will be a fun day of celebrating bookshops in the community and we need your help to do it.

The author schedule is below.

Tony Wilson 10-10.45

Jen Storer 10.30-11.30

Michael Pryor 11-12

Deborah Robertson 12-1

Fran Cusworth 12.30-1.20

Geoffrey McSkimming 1-2

Kylie Ladd 1-2

Zana Fraillon 1.30-2.30


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