Antarctica by David Day

The subtitle for David Day’s large tome on Antarctica is “A Biography”, and that’s exactly what this is – the first comprehensive history of that coldest, most distant and forbidding of continents. The book is set out in chronological time periods, from the 1770s when Captain Cook sailed further south than any of his contemporaries in search of a continent that was suspected to be at the bottom of the world but still failed to find it,  right up to the present day. In between are all the dramatic stories that have fuelled our imaginations for decades; the eventual discovery of Antarctica in 1820, the race by British, American and French expeditions to claim the new land as their own, the extraordinary stories of explorers Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton. Truly an incredible series of events, making this remarkable book a must for anyone interested in history. For a limited time, the book comes with a map of Antarctica. Hardback, $45


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