The Richmond Conspiracy: murder, gassed lungs & bodyline

In the aftermath of The Great War veterans were coming home and trying to find jobs and re-enter society. Many of them bore the scars, some physical, some mental, of their experiences. As the Shrine of Remembrance is being built to honour their dead comrades, and the depression is biting, a murder takes place in a factory. The victim is Victor Radcliffe, who as well as having his business interests is vice-chairman of the Praetorian Guard. They are a a collection of conservative well to do war veterans who have a very nationalistic view of Australia and part of that is keeping non-caucasions out of the country. Add a loveless marriage and his wife’s affair to the mix and there are many potential motives and therefore potential suspects for Radcliffe’s murder.  Investigating the crime is Inspector James Maclaine and his deputy Harry Devlin, whose gassed lungs threaten his employment.  As the Bodyline series plays out on the wireless, Maclaine and Devlin unravel the clues to Radcliffe’s murder. If you enjoyed the Phryne Fisher books by Kerry Greenwood or the Rowland Sinclair books by Sulari Gentil you will enjoy The Richmond Conspiracy. I did.


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