Small Books, Big Ideas; The School of Life

The six titles in this new series from Pan Macmillan, edited by Alain de Botton, are aiming to teach us all a lesson. From How To Find Fulfilling Work (please do share, Roman Krznaric) to How to Think More About Sex (by de Botton himself, perhaps not necessary for EL James fans). This is writing about many of life’s biggest questions. The genre traditionally known as self-help tends to get written off by many who consider themselves far to normal to need such a book, myself included. However, I’m fairly sure we could all learn a little (okay, a lot) from these nifty little books.

How to Thrive in the Digital Age by Tom Chatfield will resonate with those who are on the fence about the effects of the . How is it really effecting our minds not to mention our lives in general? Is it for better or for worse? How will we move forward in this digital revolution without losing our humanity – and without being left behind?

How To Worry Less About Money by John Armstrong is attempting to answer the question “Can money make you happy?”. This aptly titled volume looks at our relationship with money without relating it to how much, or how little, you have. A thoughtful approach to a very popular subject matter from an unusual perspective.

Things get a little bit more general (perhaps even grandiose) in How to Stay Sane by psychotherapist Philippa Perry in a practical guide to becoming ‘a little less tortured and little more fulfilled’, to quote the blurb. John-Paul Flintoff’s contribution is perhaps the icing on the cake; who doesn’t want to know How To Change The World? Ultimately aiming to empower individuals with the courage and inspiration to become the change you want to see in the world; change starts with but one.

And they’re nice to look at! A bonus at just $20.


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