Lonely Planet Pocket

Buying a Lonely Planet can be a very confusing venture for some. You’d think once you’d chosen the publisher you like you’d be set but well, you’d be wrong. For most locations there is more than one option and it can get a bit overwhelming between traditional, city, discover and encounter guides. And what’s all this about Pocket guides you ask? Well you can say goodbye to the Encounter name, Pocket is what you’ll see from now on. The same size and basic function as Encounter; Pocket are smaller (pocket-sized, in fact) shorter versions of traditional guides. An included pull-out map is a great touch, these are the ones you carry with you on a stop-over or short stay in a city, not the one you plan a whole trip with. In fact one of the major differences from the full sized guides is Pocket don’t include any accommodation. The focus here is on what you’ll see, do and eat when you’re already in a place, as opposed to planning a trip in advance. With a new look and easy to use colour coded layout the pockets are a practical and helpful guide that will ensure you fill your valuable time with the best of a city. The first release includes some expected cities in Paris and London, North American gateways in Los Angeles and San Francisco plus the European stalwarts of Berlin, Barcelona and backpacker favourite Prague. Still $20, the Pocket guides range will be gradually expand to cover all existing Encounter titles, and beyond.


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