There is an onion trapped in this book.

Sara Fanelli has created a wonderful book for young kids in The Onion’s Great Escape. A whimsical story meshed with interactive journal notebook type activities and an ongoing mission to Free The Onion*, this large board book makes a beautiful gift. Young boys or girls with a flair for riddles and a taste for the unusual will get hours of entertainment and joy out of this lovely book.

I found myself wondering what my own answers were to the questions I found inside this book when I picked it up. From introspective;
“Does remembering happy times make you feel happy or sad? Why?”

…to mind bending;
“If a chicken eats a worm and I eat the chicken, did I eat a worm?”

…to existential;
“Can you forget to remember?  Can you remember to forget?”

This is the sort of book to be treasured long after its completed and reflected on (and laughed at) for years afterwards. Though careful, it claims to disappear…

Recommended for children 8+, $29.95.

*If books like this got the recognition it deserves we’d be seeing Free The Onion t-shirts everywhere a la Vote For Pedro. I’d wear one.


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Filed under Junior Readers (8-11 years), Tweens (11-14 years)

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