The Promise. Slightly creepy and Noosa will never look the same again.

Tony Cavanaugh has been a script writer and his writing skills show in this, his first novel.  It is set around Noosa with a jaded ex gun homicide cop who is supposedly out of the game, as it’s main character. Darian Richards is a cop who still has night mares about some of the cases who worked on when head of the Homicide Squad in Melbourne.  When young women start disappearing in the Noosa area, Darian becomes involved, unofficially, in catching the killer.  He is unorthodox, with a strong sense of justice, and  is out of favour with the local constabulary. A lovely female police officer, herself an outsider in the macho cop culture finds herself unwillingly helping Darian.  It puts her in danger from not only the killer, but also from her colleagues.

The tension builds up and is sustained really well. The perspective changes at times. It is mostly from Darian’s point of view, but sometimes it is from the killer’s,  and that is seriously creepy.

If you like Australian crime, with slightly blurry edges around the morality issues, this is a good read.  Just be careful when you next travel to Noosa!!



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