Nanoblocks @ Fairfield books; fun for the whole family! No, really.

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Fairfieldbooks is excited to be stocking a small range of Nanoblocks critters for the first time. These Japanese build-it toys are mini lego style construction kits that have been around for awhile but difficult to find in Australia. But here they are. Currently we have a koala, a duck with bonus duckling, a dog (all $9.95), an elephant and a pair of meerkats which are both $12.95. Seriously cute and FUN, if slightly infuriating, to build. A great addition to a gift for anyone 12 and up. The (adult) staff members who had the task of building the display figures also really enjoyed them, not just for kids!

Small pieces present a chocking hazard for children under 3, may be extremely difficult for younger children due to complexity and small parts.

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