A Youth Not Wasted : a Memoir by Ian Parkes

Large PB $33.00

Wouldn’t be it be nice if we could all say the same – A Youth Not Wasted is a story of adventure and youth in South Australia.

Ian Parkes  was born  in Perth in 1934 and left home at sixteen to work as a jackeroo on a merino stud in South Australia. He spent a year on a  property near Broken Hill, before returning to Western Australia, where he worked on various sheep stations inland.

When told of his intentions,  people used to say to him ” why do want to waste your youth doing that?” .  This book is an explanation that it was a youth not wasted at all!

At the age of twenty-one  he decided he wanted to write. He worked as a copywriter  in Perth and wrote for the ABC in his spare time. Soon he started his own advertising agency, later to become Parkes Clemenger.

His grandfather′s stories about the bush captured his imagination and  he left home at 16 to earn his way on sheep stations in the Australian outback.  The country captured him just as the stories had.  This is the tale of a life lived on the land at a time when a young lad starting out might work side-by-side with many different people and when a big social event was a day at the races.

Ian Parkes developed not only a love of the land but a love of books and writing.

Paperback $33


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