Lake Eyre: harsh beauty in the heart of Australia

Last year three familiar names to ABC watchers and listeners made the headlines for tragic reasons.  The helicopter piloted by Gary Ticehurst carrying cameraman John Bean and journalist Paul Lockyer crashed, and all three were killed.  The project they were working on was one dear to their hearts, a continuation of programmes they were producing about Lake Eyre.  They were also working on a book, Lake Eye: a journey through the heart of the continent which has just been published posthumously.  It may seem to be in slightly bad taste to have gone ahead with the publication of the book but the families of the three men were all adamant that it should go ahead.

The book is beautiful, with stunning photography of the spectacular Lake Eyre under many different conditions.  The story covers the history, ecology and lots more.   A lovely book to look at, and a fitting memorial for the three men.   Hardback, $60


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