One Way or Another: The Story of a Girl Who Loved Rock Stars

Nikki McWatters grew up on the Gold Coast in the hey day of rock n roll. She and some friends formed The Vulture Club, the goal of which was to bed as many rock stars as possibly. The cover of this book seems light-hearted and somehow didn’t quite prepare me appropriately for the contents, but I was hooked from the beginning. A frank story of finding sexual maturity in a Catholic household, Nikki did things behind her parents backs that will have you installing bars on your teenagers window before you finish the first chapter. From Australian Crawl and INXS to Duran Duran the groupie scene described will shock and intrigue you. This book really has it all, from famous faces to self-discovery to hard drugs as you follow Nikki from student/groupie to mother. It is as fascinating, shocking, thrilling and exciting as you can hope for an autobiography to be. And it also gives you some great ideas on how to talk your way backstage at an international pop stars concert, if you were looking for any. Trade paperback, $29.95.


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