# AWW 4 Sweet old World by Deborah Robertson

Sweet Old World by Deborah Robertson is told from the point of view of David who has found himself on an Irish island, living alone when he is at a time of life when he wants his own family.  He has come to the island because his sister’s marriage has broken up, she has three young boys, is running a guest house and needed David’s help and investment.  David is happy to do it, and he adores his nephews but is wondering why a family of his own hasn’t happened. A chance meeting with a young woman who is travelling alone and who has an accident presents an unusual situation.  Because she is alone and in a coma, David feels the need to stay by her bedside until her mother arrives.  When the mother does arrive, she is suspicious of his motives, suspecting an inappropriate  relationship between her daughter and David.  She is wrong, but the thought lingers, even as her own relationship with David develops.

There are some lovely tender moments between David and his nephews and the depiction of an angry exhausted mother trying to do her best for her boys is well done.  The relationships are all a bit messy, as many really are, and the ending isn’t a ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after solution, and it is all the more realistic for it. A book that makes you feel involved in the characters lives.  I enjoyed it.

The author dropped into the shop a few days ago, and so we have a pile of signed copies.  Come in and grab one soon. Paperback, $32.95


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