The Reluctant Hallelujah – a quirky, fun Melbourne read!

The Reluctant Hallelujah

by Gabrielle Williams, PB $19.95

From the author of Beatle Meets Destiny comes another great Melbourne based young adult novel.

Gabrielle Williams has grown up in St Kilda, Melbourne so both her novels are set around the area. This book is really entertaining albeit quite far fetched. The best thing to do is just accept and embrace the quirkiness and you will really enjoy escaping with Dodie and her friends.

Missing parents, high speed chases, lugging the body of Jesus through Melbourne city drains and a road trip to Sydney with 3 total strangers are just some of the amazing moments in this book. In spite of the crazy situations the characters find themselves in, they are quite lovable and relatable. The writing is entertaining and flows nicely so The Reluctant Halleljah is a really good read.



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Filed under Tweens (11-14 years), Young Adult (14+)

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