Manu’s French Bistro…YUM!

Manu’s French Bistro, HB $49.95

From the gorgeous Manu Feildel comes his second delicious cookbook, Manu’s French Bistro. The recipes in this one are a little more complex but still very manageable and don’t use a dozen odd ingredients that you have to buy and never use again.

The book is divided into Entrees, Mains & Desserts but Manu also suggests certain seasonal combinations. There is a nice mix of traditional French recipes like Coq Au Vin or Chocolate Souffles intertwined with more modern dishes that will satisfy any foodie.

The French obviously know how to cook meat; the braised beef cheeks with carrot puree are to die for and the whole book just has a really yummy, enjoyable feel to it.

At only $49.95 in hardback, this beautifully put together cookbook would make a great gift for an aspiring cook.



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