Meet Alice & Nellie the new ‘Our Australian Girls’

Meet Nellie #1 by Penny Matthews, PB $14.95

It’s 1849 and Nellie is arriving in South Australia after a long sea voyage from Ireland. Join her as she tries to find a place in this new land of opportunity and leave her difficult past behind.







Meet Alice #1 by Davina Bell, PB $14.95

During the first world war in 1918, Alice is living in Perth, Australia but desperately wants to follow her dream of becoming a ballerina in London.

Wartime brings with it many difficulties and tragedies which may stand in the way of Alice’s happiness. Will she find a balance between family, friends and her dreams?



*Our Australian Girl is a series of novels for younger children about girls growing up throughout Australia’s history. There are four books for each girl.

Meet Grace – 1808

Meet Letty – 1841

Meet Poppy – 1864

Meet Rose – 1900



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