Big Ideas in Little Books!

If your parents aren’t so great at explaining science concepts, you best get these little and entertaining books into your collection!  The Basher Books, by Simon Basher, cover a whole range of tricky topics and make them fun and easy to understand.  Even better, they are accompanied by awesome illustrations of naughty little Japanese-style manga characters on every page- science meets art in an ingenious collaboration.

Books in this series include:

-The Periodic Table: Elements With Style!

-Human Body: A Book With Guts!

-Physics: Why Matter Matters!

-Chemistry: Getting A Big Reaction!

-Astronomy: Out Of This World!

-Biology: Life As We Know It!

-Rocks & Minerals: A Gem Of A Book!

-Planet Earth: What Planet Are You On?

The language in the books are simple but descriptive, with the author using modern and common-day events to compare to the scientific concepts in question.  If only teachers could make science so easy to understand!

At only $15 each, these books are a steal!

In store now!


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