Xmas shopping for a bookseller

As you might expect, a bookseller’s friends and family will receive books as gifts.  Cookbooks feature with some people and I have two young nephews who to my delight love books. For them Star Wars is hugely popular with the Character encyclopedias and sticker books being winners.  The nephew who has read all of the Wimpy Kid books will get to try out the Big Nate stories as well as some Horrible Histories books.  The series of these books has been hugely popular with the 7-11 age groups so the books make a good follow up on them.  The younger will be getting some more Zac Power books as he develops his reading skills.

Grown ups will be getting some fiction the latest Jean Auel, Freudian Slip and new Ian Rankin will be amongst them.  An elderly friend with macular degeneration will hopefully enjoy the audio book we give him.

Travelling off spring will be getting the appropriate travel guides and some compact classics they can dispose of as they read them.

There is so much choice with books that it isn’t difficult to find something for everyone.

When we pack up on Xmas Eve I’ll be bringing home a couple of classics which I’ve been meaning to read for years.  I think Frankenstein will be top of that pile.  And to my surprise I realised recently that I’ve never read Emma by Jane Austen.  I’ve seen TV series and movies of it so I felt like I’ve read it, but I actually haven’t, so maybe I’ll get that read these holidays.

I’m afraid that staffing and work issues have meant I’ve been very behind in blogging, tweeting and Facebook updates.  I’m sorry about that, but it isn’t likely to be much better in the next week, and then I’m having some time off.  I hope to get back to it fully in late January.

To all of our customers and followers and friends, enjoy the festive season, and all of the books I hope you receive!

Merry Xmas



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