Fear Index: Robert Harris on another topical subject

Fear Index is Robert Harris writing a contemporary thriller again. Known for his historical novels, Fear Index and Ghost are set in contemporary times. Ghost was about  a recently retired British Prime Minister (read Tony Blair) and the failures of his government and him as a person.  Fear Index is set in the world of stocks and stock markets which may not sound the most exciting of  subjects, but Robert Harris is able to draw you in and having you turning the pages quickly.

Dr Alex Hoffman is a brilliant physicist who creates an artificial intelligence programme which can track human emotions and predict what will happen in the financial markets.  One night there is a break in at Alex’s house and other strange events occur.  Alex becomes fearful and paranoid and the tension mounts quickly.  When the computer programme starts doing the unthinkable, Alex is both mystified and terrified.

Fear Index is a terrific thriller and will appeal to both men and women and you don’t have to be involved in the share market or banking  to enjoy the ride.  An excellent holiday read.



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