Angels of Vengeance


When an inexplicable wave of energy killed most people in the USA and parts of Canada, wars erupted, borders vanished, and the powerful lost their grip on power.  The reluctant, new U.S. president struggles to make momentous decisions in Seattle and a madman encourages rebellion in Texas while three women are fighting their own battles for survival, justice, and revenge.

Echelon assassin Caitlin Monroe moves quietly through a South American jungle. Her target: a prisoner of a lawless dictator in Uruguay. To free the prisoner, Caitlin will kill anyone who gets in her way. And then she will get the truth about how Al Banna, her target for years, escaped a secret detention center in French Guadeloupe to strike a fatal blow in New York City.

Sofia Peiraro is a teenage girl who witnessed firsthand the murder of her family and the mayhem of Texas under the rule of General Mad Jack Blackstone. Sofia might have  built a new life with her father if a vicious murder hadn’t set her on another course altogether: back to Texas, even to Blackstone himself.

Lady Julianne Balwyn is a British-born aristocrat turned smuggler. Shopping in the most fashionable neighborhood of Darwin, Australia, now a fantastic neo-urban frontier, Jules has a pistol holstered in the small of her lovely back. She is playing the most dangerous game of all: waiting for the person who is hunting her to show his face-so she can kill him first.

Three women in three corners of a world plunged into electrifying chaos. Nation-states struggling for their survival. Immigrants struggling for new lives. John Birmingham’s astounding new novel-the conclusion to the series begun in Without Warning and After America is an intense adventure that races from the halls of power to shattered streets to gleaming new cities, as the world tries to regain control.

Highly recommended


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