Our Darebin Parklands

Darebin Parklands: Escaping the Claws of the Machine

Did you know the Darebin Parklands used to be a quarry, blasting out bluestone?  Or that as recent as the late 1970s it was a municipal tip?  As residents of the inner north, this coffee table book about the history of our largest suburban green sprawl is a must for our book collection.  It is beautifully presented and filled with photos and illustrations of the area from early settlement to today.  

 Darebin Parklands started out as farmland back in the late 1800’s, comprising of vineyards and orchards of pears, quince, and plums.  It had many guises over the years, but it wasnt until the land had been almost destroyed as landfill and a tip that the local community banded together to save it from industrial developers.  The Darebin Parklands Association was formed and they had the vision and determination to turn the area into the gorgeous green area today that we all know, love, and visit.  They acknowledge the original indigenous owners, having implemented spiritual healing sites throughout the many trails and sites strewn through the parklands, which have a natural bush feel and not a manicured “English garden” feel.

This book includes a foreword by former Australian of the Year, Professor Tim Flannery.  He reminds us that community action can always save the environment from the “claws of the machine”. A very informative and interesting local book.

Darebin Parklands: Escaping the Claws of the Machine

by Sarah Mirams

rrp $40


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