Brigid Lucy

Brigid Lucy by Leonie Norrington
#1 Brigid Lucy Wants a Pet
#2 Brigid Lucy and the Princess Tower
Both PB $10.95
Imp is a writer. Or at least a storyteller-writer-kind-of-person-thing. And most of all, she wants a pet. But her best friend and home, Brigid Lucy, wants a cat, and Imp simply hates cats to impossibility. So that is going to be a problem. At the moment Brigid Lucy’s pet is Oscar the slug. Oscar is boring. But then Brigid takes Imp and her dad to the pet store. Brigid’s dad wants them to get a goldfish but Brigid has other ideas…in fact, if Brigid has her way, the whole pet store would be coming home with them!
This is a very cute story from an interesting point of view, that of an Imp living in the hair of a mischievous little girl rather than the little girl’s herself.
With the second in the series, Brigid Lucy and the Princess Tower, just out, Brigid Lucy and her impish Imp continue to charm us!
Recommended for 5-8.

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Filed under First Readers (6-8 years), Junior Readers (8-11 years)

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