Perfect People: Be careful what you wish for

Peter James is a UK crime writer who has had a recurring character of Superintendent Roy Grace based in Brighton.  His latest book is quite different from a police procedural though, and raises many interesting questions.  John and Naomi are a couple who  want to have a new  baby  free of the disease which killed their first child.  They decide to visit a Doctor who specialises in genetic manipulation who because of his controversial work, operates from a ship which sails in international waters.  The couple are presented with thousands of options they can ‘incorporate’ into their new baby.  Really, all they want is a boy who is healthy, and maybe tallish, smartish and a bit sporty.  They don’t want him to be over the top in any way.  However, when the first ultrasound reveals that their baby is a girl, they put it down to a mistake. But when the second scan shows they are having twins, a girl and a boy, and the Doctor is killed in  a helicopter explosion they start to question the whole thing.  I won’t say any more for fear of spoiling it, but I found this a real page turner.  $33


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