Legend by Marie Lu

Loosely based on the story of Les Miserables and with the movie rights sold even before publication, you can be certain that Marie Lu’s Legend is a story and a half. Set in dystopian (the current buzzword in young adult fiction) Los Angeles, Legend is the story of two worlds colliding.

Day is a fugitive. He is the most wanted criminal in all of Los Angeles. He lives on the streets, exiled from the family he loves and reduced to committing petty crimes to survive. The Republic hates him for one reason, and one reason only; they can never, ever catch him. They don’t even come close.

June is someone very different. Born into wealth and shelter, she is smart and feisty and the only person to ever achieve a perfect score on their Trial. It’s because of that incredible perfect score that June has managed to get away with almost every kind of mischief. The fact that her older brother Metias is a respected military captain doesn’t exactly hurt.

When Metias is suddenly and horribly killed, June and Day’s worlds are, without either of them realising it, set on an inevitable collision course. What they thought they knew about the “other” side is destined to change forever.

The first in a trilogy, Legend is a thrilling adventure and an epic love story – simply impossible to put down! Recommended for 13+. Paperback, $19.95


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