Shift by Em Bailey

Since her father left her family, Olive has not had an easy time of things. And her mum’s obvious disapproval of her best (and only) friend, Ami, doesn’t exactly help. When a new and slightly strange girl starts at her school, Olive is at least distracted for a while. Until she begins to realise there is something not quite right, something sinister about Miranda. Olive tries to convince Ami that there is more to Miranda than meets the eye but Ami dismisses her worries as silly fantasies, knowing full well that Olive’s imagination is more active than most. As Miranda works her way into Olive’s old life, being friends with Olive’s ex-best friend and becoming, as Olive used to be, part of the ‘in’ crowd, Olive’s fears only grow… and grow.

Em Bailey’s Shift is a story about a girl in whom every girl can see a piece of themselves. Olive is struggling with boys and best friends, being popular and then not, and most of all with a tricky family life – all the normal things that come with being 16. Shift also just happens to be an incredibly well written psychological thriller that will own your attention from the very beginning. Highly recommended for 14+. Trade Paperback, $22.95


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Filed under Young Adult (14+)

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