Kaz Cooke – Women’s Stuff

Women’s Stuff by Kaz Cooke, HB $59.95

From the author of Kidwrangling, Up the Duff and Girl Stuff comes this fabulously insightful go-to guide for women. Kaz Cooke writes with humour and honesty and covers a full range of topics over 700+ pages with an easy to use Index.

The broad chapters are; Confidence, How We Look, Eating & Exercise, General Health, Hormones & Health, Mind,  Family & Friends, Love & Sex, Work & Home, Money and Being True To Yourself. Each chapter is clearly divided into different specific subjects and often includes phone numbers or websites for more information.

‘Everything you need to know…without the fibs, faff or fakery!’



*Other great titles by Kaz Cooke:

Up the Duff, PB $45.00

Kidwrangling, PB $45.00

Girl Stuff, PB $39.95


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