John Hart: Why isn’t he well known?

John Hart is an American writer of crime/thrillers.  They are very atmospheric and have at their heart ordinary people finding themselves in strange circumstances.  I’ve read 3 of his books, and the most recent I read was his first book, The King of Lies.  John Hart wrote this book when he was trying to find a job he enjoyed.  His work as a criminal lawyer wasn’t it, and as his practice grew he found himself having to defend people whose crimes were really confronting.  After he wrote The King of Lies, it still took him a while to get published, so he is certainly no overnight sensation.  Since then, he has written Down River, The Last Child and most recently Iron House.  He creates characters you are interested in and want to see through to the end.  I’ve yet to read his latest but will soon.  If you like a crime thriller and you’ve read all of the Michael Connelly and Linwood Barclay titles give John Hart a try.


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