Blood Red Road

We all have a soft spot for an epic adventure and Moira Young’s Blood Red Road is undoubtedly an adventure of mammoth proportions.

When their father is mysteriously killed and their brother kidnapped, the only thing Saba and her younger sister can agree on is that their brother must be saved. NON-negotiable. Having never been close, the sisters must venture out together into a world ruled by The Wreckers – they have a long journey ahead of them for more than one reason. The quest to save their brother takes them across a desert sea, in and then out of the clutches of an evil sand ship captain and even into a gladiator’s ring. The journey will change the sister’s relationship forever and though at times impossibly hard, they never once question their path down the blood red road.

With an unsettling edge that will keep you guessing, Blood Red Road (#1 in the Dustlands series) is an enthralling tale about just what people can do when faced with death, and the death of a loved one.

Highly recommended for any one who loves Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger                                                                            Games as much as we do! Best for 13+, $19.


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Filed under Young Adult (14+)

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