Another cooking Christmas: a taste of forthcoming titles.

This Christmas there will be another terrific crop of cookbooks to tempt us all.  Here are a few:

Gingerboy is producing their first book in November,  It will be $70 and who wouldn’t want to recreate some of those gorgeous flavours at home

Donna Hay is a publishing sensation and she will have another ocokbook before Xmas this year.  It is called Simple Weeknight Dinners, which as it sounds will help you produce some good food when time and inspiration is short.

Bill Granger has two new books coming out.  One focuses on Asian food, and the other is a ‘best of’ compilation of his most requested recipes from his previous books.  I always find his recipes reliable.

Serge Dansereau has a book Called Summer Food, perfect timing for hot weather entertaining.

Matthew McConnell, the multi awarded and multi venued Melbourne chef has a book coming in November called Cumulus Inc.

Shane Melia from Maha is also sharing his recipes, and Phillipa Sibley is letting us in on the secrets of her fabulous desserts, including the famous Snickers Bar.

These are just a few of those coming up.  All are available for pre order, so write up those Xmas lists now!


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