Eating and drinking Melbourne: an alternative to the Age Good Food Guides

The Age Good Food Guide and the Age Cheap Eats Guide are well known to Melbourne diners.  There have also been guides for cafes and bars.  Now there is a new guide out called Eating and Drinking Melbourne.  It differs from the others in that it is divided into geographical areas, and then has sections for restaurants, cheap and cheerful eateries, and bars.  Each review discusses the food, and the feel of a venue, as well as prices.  It is nicely laid out, and is generally a classy production.  There are maps of the areas, which each venue marked, and a number of indexes.  You can look in a geographical, venue or cuisine indexes, which makes it very user friendly.  One quibble, is that two Ivanhoe eateries are correct on the map of the area, ie the North, but their review is in the East section.  Assuming there aren’t too many errors like that, this is a good looking guide that doesn’t overwhelm you with too many choices.   $29.95


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