Collingwood: A Love Story

Collingwood: A Love Story  by Paul Daley

$35.00 To be published in October.

Football has long been a integral part of our Victorian society and never more so than during the difficult war years and the Depression. In the struggling suburb of Collingwood, football gave people hope, a sense of belonging and helped many families through very tough times. Experienced journalist Paul Daley paints a wonderful and intricate picture of Collingwood during the early to mid 20th century.

Collingwood: A Love Story follows the lives of Collingwood players Doc Seddon and Paddy Rowan and object of their affection; Louie. Their lives were thrown into turmoil by the war and heartbreak but ultimately the friendship and love they have for each other wins through.

This is not necessarily a story about football, but rather about people, forgiveness and identity. This gritty tale has a delightful mix of fact and myth with bits and pieces of this essentially true story gathered from various sources over the years.

Definitely a worthwhile read for Collingwood fans but also could be enjoyed by anyone interested in wartime history or Melbourne in the early 1900’s.

Pre-order your copy soon.


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