National Bookshop Day: Thank you.

As most of you will know, it was National Bookshop Day on Saturday last.  It was a day of celebrating our local book communities and having some fun.  It was an initiative of The Australian Bookseller’s Association and many member bookshops around Australia too part in varying ways.  We had some local authors with us, handed out over 200 mini cupcakes and lots of prizes.   We have a wonderful tree drawn on our window with the favourite books  of many of our customers.  We will leave it up there for the rest of this week, so come and have a look. All in all in was a terrific day, and thank you to all who made it so, especially the authors who came along, Michael Pryor, Zana Fraillon, Kylie Ladd and Jen Storer.

Let us continue with the positive feelings we got from the day.  Heather, Dick, Steph Jess, Sally, Fiona & Marissa



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2 responses to “National Bookshop Day: Thank you.

  1. It was a terrific day! Love the favourite book tree.

  2. I loved it! Thanks for having me. x

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