National Bookshop Day: Thank you to a lot of people

As National Bookshop Day draws to a close, for us at Fairfieldbooks at least, I would like to say how proud I was today to be involved in the book industry.  We have had a tough year or so, along with a lot of other retailers, but today felt very positive.  We had four wonderful local authors during the middle of the day spruiking the joys of reading, and had lots of giveaways, including over 200 mini cupcakes.  (I’ve learnt I really shouldn’t try and bake and decorate after 9pm on a Friday evening.  ‘Twas a messy business!)  I would like to thank the publishers who donated prizes for us, the authors who helped us, our young buskers,  and the customers who participated in the fun.  Special thanks to the Australian Bookseller’s Association whose idea it was.  Our window with the book tree looks terrific with all of the contributions from people with their favourite book. I’m not sure how long we will leave it up, but it will be enjoyed for a few days at least.  Happy National Bookshop Day.  It’s been wonderful.


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