1,020 Recipes from twitter community’s @cookbook; Eat Tweet.

HOME FRIES; Chop2lbtater.Fry+1/2c oil 10m@med; turn. Fry,turn occas(+T oil if dry) to gold. Fry@high to brown; s+p. srv w srscrm&salsa.

The cookbook that will fill a hole you didn’t know your collection had!

Eat Tweet is here.

Seperated into specific chapters, including a ‘Decoding and Coding Recipes’ section it might require a bit of flicking back and forth to create an entire meal, but it is all there. With 1020 recipes I’m not exaggerating, its actually All Here. Author and pioneer of eat tweeting Maureen Evans did not hold back on content! There are also extra little tips and tricks added in so it is more information than twitter followers get, and all in one place, bonus. A certain amount of imagination will allow you to use this book to make so many different meals through various combinations of recipes, it’s a never ending source of inspiration. And all in a $19.95 paperback smaller than your average novel. Now that’s efficient.


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