A retired country banker as hero? Read this and see

Derek Hansen for some years was writing a series of books called Lunch with the……… There was General, Stationmaster and more.  This new book takes a different tack, and is set in a small country town, Munni Munni, which is strangely much more prosperous than most towns around it.  When a young police officer, Duncan ‘Stretch’ Beddington is sent to the town for a bit of rehabilitation from a snaffoo in the big smoke, he notices a few things.  Lambert Hampton, the retired bank manager has a finger in every pie, everyone drives a white Camry, and the pet of choice is a Jack Russell.  To his surprise, Duncan finds he likes the town, helped by the lovely Sophie but when some bad company arrives looking for their loot from a robbery, things go south.

A Man You Can Bank On, is very funny, but there is also an interesting question or two about ill gotten gains, and whether the ends justify the means.  Overall, this is a hoot.$33


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