Pop Quiz;

What do Marieke Hardy, Megan Washington, Eddie Perfect, Benjamin Law, Judith Lucy, Charlie Pickering, Adam Goodes and Kate Miller-Heidke all have in common?

Musicians, actors, comedians, journalists and an AFL footballer thrown in for good measure… and interesting mix. In Don’t Peak at High School it all comes together as these (and a few other) popular personalities talk about a time when there were far, far, less popular. The subtitle of this compendium edited by Fiona Scott-Norman says it all; From bullied to A-list. A book that will be appreciated by teenagers and adults alike, this is a fascinating and at times unexpectedly funny reminder that with 1 in 4 children in Australian schools a victim of bullying, even famous people got picked on. These intelligent, talented, successful people weren’t exempt from the terrors of high school; this is a book to “to inspire teenagers and provide precious insight to parents and teachers.” If you’re worried about closing the back cover completely cynical and disillusioned to the ‘innocence of youth’ and the like, never fear. As Scott-Norman points out in her introduction not one of the 15 individuals in the book wishes, with the twenty-twenty brilliance only hindsight can bring, that they weren’t bullied. Just goes to show, no matter what your school experience may have been, bad or good, it irrevocably contributed positive attributes to your character as an adult. And these people don’t want to give those back. As someone who indentifies a little with the subject matter, I know how they feel. Though no ones saying; Bullying – The Road To Success, they are saying if you’re bullied in high school, it doesn’t mean your life isn’t going to go anywhere. Because life doesn’t peak in high school.

An eye-opener. Now in store, paperback, $24.95


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