The Dead I Know

From the author who brought us Making Laws for Clouds, 48 Shades of Brown & last year, Happy as Larry, comes the very brilliant The Dead I Know (PB $19.99).

Aaron Rowe has not had an easy life. His days are filled with dealing with a mum who can no longer look after herself and his nights with strange dreams and inexplicable sleep walks. He has always struggled at school, with students and teachers alike mistaking his reticence for rudeness and his awkward size for intimidating.

When a kind teacher arranges for him an apprenticeship at the local funeral director, Aaron leaves school and starts working for the unflappable John Barton. With a new boss that is unwilling to give up on him, the uncommunicative Aaron starts, slowly, to come out of his shell. He even talks, just once in a while, helped along in no small part by John’s fiesty daughter, who refuses to take Aaron’s silence as an acceptable answer. In a place that should be sad and dark, Aaron finds exactly what he needs – something steady, and someone to believe in him.

Scot Gardner’s writing is always brilliant and The Dead I Know is no exception. With characters that are simultaneously unlikely and extremely believable, this great novel is completely unmissable!


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Filed under Young Adult (14+)

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