Against the Odds

It is pretty unlikely for a girl to have a missing father and a dead mouse. You could say it would be against the odds.

Kiki’s adventurous father is always helping people. He loves Kiki and her mum, but he also loves to go out into the world doing what he can as a doctor. Kiki doesn’t understand why he can’t just stay home, and when one day he does go missing, Kiki will do just about anything to get her father back safely.

Kiki spends a lot of time wondering what she can do to swing the odds her father’s way. She even starts to think things that are a little, or maybe alot, strange. But Kiki doesn’t know what else to do – it’s fallen to her to save her father and the odds are stacked against her.

This is a beautiful story about what to do when things go horribly wrong. Charming and brilliantly written, Marjolijn Hof’s Against the Odds is not to be missed.


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Filed under Junior Readers (8-11 years)

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