Take a seat on the Throne Of Fire…

Kane Chronicles 2:

The Throne of Fire

Many of us have been waiting on the edge of our seats for the latest installment of the Kane Chronicles series, by the prolific and entertaining young adult author, Rick Riordan.  The wait is now over with the thrilling “Throne of Fire” here to take us on a another unforgettable journey into Egyptian Mythology with brother and sister duo, Sadie and Carter Kane.

Ever since the Egyptian gods have come into their lives, trouble has had a habit of following Sadie and Carter.  And with the Lord of Chaos, Apophis, threatening to rise out of exile, the Kane siblings find themselves in hot water once more.  This time around, their startling adventure sees them battle a burning scroll, gamble with the shady Moon god, travel the Duat, learn the secret of a Secret Name, have dinner with their dead parents in the Underworld, and make the firmest of friends with Bes, god of dwarfs.

Descendents of the legendary House of Life, Sadie and Carter have a gift.  They can see and do things that should simply be impossible.  But even with all their considerable skill and determination, it’s going to take a miracle to complete the task they have set themselves and wake the aging Sun god, Ra.

With the entire mission a risk of mammoth proportions, completion is nearly impossible.  But if Order is to be restored, success is essential.  Only the lives of the entire human race depend upon it!

In store now!

rrp $19.95


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