Let Dummies make you less of Dummy about Australian History

Sometimes you just need a bit of information, or to clarify a date, or the just have a broad brush take on an issue of Australian history.  So many books are very specific about one area of our country’s past, or have a rather academic tone.  This recent publication Australian History for Dummies is part of well known series which over the years have covered most topics you can think of.  Written by Alex McDermott who is a Historian and Research scholar at Lat Trobe University in Melbourne, it is an easy reading book anyone will find useful. There is a ‘Contents at a glance’ list, then a more detailed contents list, which enables you to really find the topic you are following up.  There is also an index.  He addresses the fact that such a lot of Australian history is only looking at modern times, ie since white settlement.  He looks at the first Australians and their role in making our country, and then goes right up the present, covering all the major events as you would expect.

This book will make a useful addition to any home library.  $39.95

PS.  There are Dummies books on lots of subjects.  We find the language titles and Mac computer titles in particular are very popular.


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