The Voyagers by Mardi McConnochie

It’s 1943, World War II is raging, and American sailor Stead is on shore leave in Sydney. He decides to look up Marina, a girl with whom he had a fleeting romance five years earlier. Though their time together was short they had a strong connection, and Stead hasn’t been able to forget her. When he reaches her home, he learns from Marina’s mother that she has not been heard from since she boarded a boat to London shortly after her time with Stead. Thus begins Stead’s quest to find his lost love, a journey that will take him around the world.

Interwoven through Stead’s narrative Marina’s story is told. Marina is a talented pianist and was on her way to take up a coveted scholarship at an esteemed London music school when fate intervened. We learn the reason she had to put aside her ambitions and disappear, and the way her life has led her in directions and to places she never could have imagined. And through it all she never forgets the young sailor she met all those years ago.

The Voyagers is a beautifully written love story. It is unashamedly romantic without falling into cliche, and is told with intelligence and warmth. A truly satisfying read! Trade Paperback $29.95


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