Books we love by Herve Tullet

Beautifully simple but infinitely entertaining, French illustrator Herve Tullet has created hours of fun for children of many ages. With the variety of titles Tullet has created there is the perfect gift for very young to older kids, but these are the kind of books that a parent will love too. With eye catching use of colour and pictures these books are great exercise for the imagination with just the right amount of whimsy.

Interactive books that will keep kids (and possibly adults) occupied for hours, Tullet is onto a winner.

The Game of  Mix and Match is a flip the flap style book where you get to mix and match your own odd objects out of the provided images.  $9.95. Also look out for The Game of Mix-up Art.

The Game of Patterns is a spot the difference style game, but with no answers included its just whoever gets the most differences wins! $9.95.

The Book With A Hole is just that; a book with a hole. But what’s in the hole? One of my favourites. $22.95, Paperback (large).

Press Here for a review of Press Here

So have a play today with Herve Tullet, fun for all ages in store now.


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