A Life in Frocks by Kelly Doust

Kelly Doust is a favourite amongst crafty types – she is the author of The Crafty Minx and The Crafty Kid, which have both been very popular. She has now taken a break from craft to write her autobiography, A Life in Frocks.

As the title suggests Kelly reminiscences about memorable outfits, from her childhood fave of blouse with Peter Pan collar, corduroy knickerbockers and black patent Mary Janes (with frill-topped socks, of course!) to a confidence-boosting borrowed black Givenchy frock and on to her dream vintage wedding dress (which only needed some, ahem, teeny alterations!) And everything in between! She uses the outfits, and the events that occurred while she was wearing them, to build her life story. Kelly’s writing style is intimate and engaging, so reading her memoir is like having a chat with a very fashionable friend as she digresses into her search for the perfect LBD, gives great fashion advice as well as having a laugh about those outfits that didn’t quite work!

Kelly’s passion for clothes is obvious and contagious. Charming, readable and gorgeously illustrated throughout, A Life in Frocks is perfect for anyone who has even a passing interest in fashion. Highly enjoyable! Pb, $29.95


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