Preserving the Italian Way by Pietro Demaio

Just a glance at the cover of this book is enough to set the mouth watering and invites you to take a look inside. Author Pietro Demaio is a Melbourne GP whose passion is Italian food and preserving in particular.  His parents moved to Melbourne from Calabria and brought their recipes with them so that, even though Pietro was born in Australia, he grew up immersed in Italian food and traditions. He tells the story of feeling a little bit different at school with his slabs of homemade bread and salami for lunch when all the other kids had sliced white bread and Vegemite!

Pietro has been collecting recipes for years from friends and relatives both here and in Italy, and has now very generously shared them with us all. There are loads of delicious recipes outlining how to preserve everything from olives, mushrooms and a variety of vegetables, to making salamis, cheeses and liqueurs. He has even included instructions on how to build a brick-fired oven to make the perfect bread, and how to make soap. The recipes are liberally sprinkled with fascinating anecdotes about his childhood and visits to Italy. Pietro’s enthusiasm is infectious, and after a browse through his book you’ll be itching to get started on that salami! We have the 6th edition in stock, $39.95.


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