Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero!

Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

by Rick Riordan, PB $19.95

Return to the world of Percy Jackson in Rick Riordan’s fantastic new series, Heroes of Olympus. Greek and Roman mythology was never so interesting!

Riordan’s new series is still set in modern times with a modern spin on the ancient stories of the Gods. This time we follow the fortunes of demi-Gods Jason, Piper and Leo as they discover Camp Half-Blood and who they really are.

Mystery, action and humour are always done well in Riordan’s books and while the story is set after the events of the Percy Jackson series, you don’t need to have read them to make sense of, and enjoy the new adventures.

Our three heroes face curses, mythical creatures and of course the ever temperamental Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus. For those tho miss Percy Jackson, this will satisfy your craving!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming sequel;  Heroes of Olympus: Son of Neptune

***Also available by Rick Riordan

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Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson & The Titan’s Curse

Percy Jackson & The Battle of the Labyrinth

Percy Jackson & The Last Olympians

Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid


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