In the Kitchen by Campion & Curtis

For a number of years I have always kept in stock at the shop a cookbook called In the Kitchen by Allan Campion and Michele Curtis.  It is a brick of a book and has over 1000 recipes.  I have thought that it would be a terrific gift for someone leaving home who needs lots of recipes and ideas, along with techniques and suggestions.  I”m pleased to say that my theory  has been proven because I gave the book to my daughter who recently left home.  She has cooked from it already, and has plans for more meals from it.

The book has numerous chapters, including, roasts, brunch, slow cooking, curries & tagines, cakes, soups and lots more.  At the beginning is a chapter which lists everyday ingredients and suggestions for what you might keep in your pantry.  It isn’t loaded up with lots of glossy pictures but has lots of recipes which don’t have a hundred ingredients and they are all well explained.  Not just for beginners, any cook will find it useful.  Give it a look, and as I said, it is an ideal leaving home cookbook. Hardback, $59.95


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