The Glass Collector by Anna Perera

The Glass Collector by Anna Perera, PB $20.00

From the author of the critically acclaimed Guantanamo Boy comes an amazing and moving novel set in Cairo about a minority community called the Zabbaleen. They are a religious group who make their living collecting, sorting and recycling 80% of Cairo’s rubbish.

Based on how these people really live, The Glass Collector follows the story of 15 year old Aaron who spends his life in the garbage slums, sorting through endless piles of dangerous hospital waste and restaurant refuse. It is a story of hardship and a world that’s so different from anything we can imagine. The characters are incredible and the careful research into their everyday lives is evident.

Cairo is obviously an incredible place and the settings and scenery are vividly described. Aaron has fallen in love with Rachel who takes care of the transport Ponies and dreams of another, safer life far away from the cruelty and squalor of their existence

Ultimately The Glass Collector is a story about human interaction, people who long for change and those that find hope in the oddest places.


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Filed under Young Adult (14+)

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