Conspiracy 365 series by Gabrielle Lord

Gabrielle Lord is an Australian author who is well-known for her crime novels for adults, two of which have been made into films. She has now turned her hand to writing an exciting series for young adults called Conspiracy 365. It comprises twelve books, one for each month of the year, starting with January.

The series’ central character is 15 year old Callum Ormond. On New Years Eve, Callum’s world is turned upside-down when a wild looking stranger approaches him in the street. The stranger tells him that Callum’s father didn’t die from a virus, as Callum believed, but had been killed. He warned Callum that unless he gets away Callum will be the next to die – “You must go into hiding until December 31st next year…You’re not safe until then. Somehow you must survive…365 days”. So Callum becomes a fugitive, desperately trying to uncover his father’s secret while outrunning his merciless pursuers.

This is an unputdownable action-packed series, full of thrills and twists and mysteries. Each book is broken down into days and hours, which keeps the pace moving rapidly, making it immensely readable even for the most reluctant of readers. The books in the series are $15 each, but for a limited time we have Conspiracy 365 January available for only $10. So it’s the perfect time to check out this fantastic series!


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Filed under Tweens (11-14 years), Young Adult (14+)

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