Good Oil by Laura Buzo

Good Oil is a terrific first novel by a young Australian author.  It features Amelia who starts a new part time job working at a supermarket.  Chris is a supervisor a few years older than her who shows her the ropes, and gives her the ‘Good oil’ about what is going on at work and in life. Amelia has an interesting family life, with a creative, rather remote mother, and a mother who bears the brunt of the domestic life.  There are two siblings, including a much adored baby sister. Amelia resents her father and they way he leaves all the family responsibilities to her mother but her resentment isn’t shared by her mother who explains that adult relationships are more complicated than Amelia thinks. As Amelia is falling in love with Chris, he begins to enjoy her company more and more, but is too aware of being older than her to take advantage of her feelings.  The book ends with Chris leaving to go overseas for a while, but Amelia is confident of his return to her. The story is well told, and has humour and great empathy for all the characters.  It will appeal more to girls than boy, aged about 14 up. Highly recommended. Heather


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Filed under Young Adult (14+)

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