Plane Reading; how do you chose?!

Do you take something long so you won’t finish it too quickly? Something readable, maybe young adult? Something that fits in your hand carry? There are many factors to consider here! What about choice, for a long flight do you need variety to keep you entertained for hours?

I’m about to fly to North America and I’m taking a whole bunch of books but what do I put in check luggage and what do I carry on? Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom might be too ambitious, not to mention heavy… What about books I’ve already read, or there’s the light, cheap (disposable?) option of Popular Penguins.

I think I’ve tentatively decided on taking Freedom: LONG plus The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Re-reading, Everything Is Illuminated: Popular Penguin, and Tomorrow When The War Began: YA. And that’s just carry on. Covering all my bases? Hopefully! I’ll let you know if I chose well when I get back. What are your picks for plane (and holiday) reading?


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